The Ark

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Your child is precious to Jesus and precious to us.  Serving newborns to 5 year olds, the ARK is the place to be! Whether they need a nap, cuddling, activities like games and songs or Bible verses and crafts, we are pleased to focus on your child while you attend an Adult Bible Fellowship or Worship Service.

The ARK is located in the newest part of our building and was designed with safety and security in mind.  All modern building materials, a secure check-in and pick-up system, and well trained, loving church members care for, protect, and challenge your pre-kindergarten children.

The ARK reception opens 15 minutes before adult classes and worship services are scheduled to begin and stays open for 15 minutes after the services have begun. If you visit, be prepared to leave special instructions the first time you are with us (allergies, nap times, etc.)

1 - Pick up your wrist band and pager at the ARK Welcome Desk
2 - Walk your child to their classroom
3 - Sign In your child at their classroom by writing their information on the clipboard and then place a nametag on your child's back
4 - Share with our workers any concern for the day and your child's potty training stage

1 - Show your wristband to the volunteer at your child's classroom to verify ID numbers
2 - Return your pager o the Ark Welcome Desk

To ensure the safety of every child in the Ark, only parents or legal guardians are permitted to drop off and pick up their children except where prior permission has been given. In case of an emergency, you will be paged. Our First Responders Team will also be paged, and will call 911 if necessary. Please note that we are not permitted to give your child medications.

Please label your child's belongings.

SCHEDULE - Each classroom has it's own schedule, but all consist of a Bible Story, singing, crafts, playtime and snacks. Your child will have the same teachers for a month at a time.
SNACKS - Animal crackers or graham crackers and water will be served during each Worship Service. Please make us aware of any food allergies your child may have so that we do not inadvertently endanger them.
SEPERATION ANXIETY - We recommend that the parent leave with a short good-bye at the door. In case of extreme crying (in excess of 15 min), you will be paged.

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